Why we do it

Concerning developments in the Dutch trust sector

Protect your structure and assets by moving in-house



The frequent news articles effecting the Dutch trust sector are at least concerning.

The EU Commission investigating and issuing fines & penalties on tax driven group structures.

The Dutch government investigating on the bad behaviour of the Dutch trust sector.

The Dutch Central Bank starting court cases against Dutch service providers after the Panama Papers.

The Dutch government announcing new tax plans to discourage passive letter box companies.


Recently several leaks occurred such as the Lux Leaks, the Offshore Leaks, the Panama Papers and A major data hostage hack with a Dutch trust firm, a local leak with global damage.

Limit risk, take full control on your Dutch business and valuable data. Integrate the Dutch entity within your group, set your own  IT procedures, do not depend on third parties but act as an active business, independent from trust service providers.

Have your business continuity in full control. Set your own standard by moving in-house.


Avoid media exposure from trust providers and directors servicing many letter box companies at the same time.

Manage transactions more efficient and communicate directly with your in-house Dutch director. Getting the things done without any delay.

Speed up decision making with your dedicated team committed exclusively to your Dutch Entity.

Anticipate on the changing landscape of tax planning, meet substance requirements with an active business. Always comply with all reporting and tax filing requirements.

It is time to move forward in-house